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I started blogging for my family in 2006 when I created my private family blog. After my first post was published (which took me several hours to do), I swore I would never blog again because I just "didn't get it!" 

After years of practice, I finally got the hang of it and in the summer of 2009, I created I wanted a creative outlet that wasn’t so serious and personal all the time. Somewhat Simple is where I share simple crafts, home improvement and decor projects and easy recipes.  


Crazy Domestic was launched in June of 2010 as a joint project with my sister in law. After seeing how popular Somewhat Simple became and how fun it was to create, I created Crazy Domestic to feature all things home related. Unfortunately, life happens, and when both Megan and I became pregnant in the Spring of 2011, we chose to focus more on our growing families and less on our blog. We no longer post on Crazy Domestic, but all the amazing posts are still up for your enjoyment!

Becoming a Simple Mom was created in November of 2011 as a way for me to document the small and simple things in life that I experience (and often overlook) every day. Its my chance to celebrate and vent about motherhood in general. Its a way to count my blessings and capture this time in my life when spit up and tantrums go hand in hand with snuggles and kisses and laughter.

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